Trigeminal Neuralgia Is One Of The Worst Pains

trigeminal-neuralgia1For people who have this antagonizing pain that affect side of the face and can’t explain where it comes from, might be suffering from a medical condition called could mean longer routes. This pain might come about from shaving, chewing, washing the face, brushing the teeth and it might be excruciating or feel like an electric shock.

This pain is considered to be one of the worst pains a person can have. Some think it’s a dental problem it can be triggered by anything.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is divided into three branches: the mandibular nerve which controls sensation in the lower jaw bones which assist in chewing; the maxillary nerve which controls sensation in the upper jaws, where most of the teeth are in higher vertebrates; and the ophthalmic nerve which provides sensation to the eyes, particularly the cornea.

Trigeminal neuralgia, however, is a disorder marked by a “wearing out” of the nerves and usually occurring in the lower maxillary and mandibular branches.

 The pain associated with condition can vary in severity. Some patients will have mild pain, while some people may have it for a month.

People often complain that the pain they feel is associated with a dental problem. Dentists should be able to recognize that this pain is associated with trigeminal neuralgia if their patients complain that every time they brush their teeth or wash their face they have an electric shock pain.

The trigeminal nerve is responsible for chewing, producing saliva and tears, and for sending facial sensations to the brain. In trigeminal neuralgia, when the nerves “short circuit” usually on one side of the face, the pain is often unbearable.

 The condition however is not life-threatening. If untreated however, it can get a lot worse. The nerve can be damaged over time and the person will have a constant dull ache.

There are various treatments that are available to help treat the condition. There are drug treatments that can help to reduce the sensitivity of the nerve. The anti-epilepsy medicine Tegretol is also used.  There is the possibility of having surgery done on the nerve to remove whatever is compressing it.

Another treatment used is radial frequency ablation, a procedure through which doctors induce radio-frequency waves, gamma rays, or glycerol injections to deaden the nerve — and the pain.

Acupuncture is another treatment that can be considered and some people have stated success with what they have done.

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