Oxycarbazepine As Effective As Carbamazepine in Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia

oxycarbazepineOxycarbazepine  (OXYCARBAZEPINE  ), a keto-analog of carbamazepine (CARBAMAZEPINE), is as almost as effective as carbamazepine for the treatment of the condition trigeminal neuralgia. A double study conducted the shoulder it is better tolerated.

A study was conducted at the University of Michigan the in Ann Arbor, Michigan to look at the findings of Oxycarbazepine  arbazine on a study group. The researchers had 46 patients were over the age of 40 years old in the clinical trial. These people had new onset, previously untreated idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia. 24 patients were randomized to receive Oxycarbazepine  and 22 to receive Carbamazepine.

All patients over a two- to four-week period were given an initial dose 300 mg Oxycarbazepine  twice daily or 200 mg carbamazepine twice daily. This was then followed by a four-week maintenance period.

The most frequently doses used were Oxycarbazepine 750 mg per day and Carbamazepine 500 mg per day. Researchers noted that there were no significant differences between the groups for any efficacy variable.

In the two groups, 100% of patients responded to treatment and 50% became pain-free. 70% of those who were taking Oxycarbazepine had a significant reduction in pain compared to 59% of those who took Carbamazepine.

One patient in the Oxycarbazepine group discontinued treatment due to a rash.

The results that researchers gained from this study suggested that Oxycarbazepine is an effective treatment alternative to Carbamazepine for patients who suffer from new onset trigeminal neuralgia.

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